Analysis on giant hypermarket malaysia

Download kB Preview Abstract This research aims to explore about supply chain management and purchasing strategies at Giant Hypermarket. It is because for more one a decade, supply chain SCM has received increased attention among the industries for achieving competitive advantage.

Analysis on giant hypermarket malaysia

Baby nappies M The Giant shop trade name was founded by the Teng household as a simple food market shop in one of the suburbs of Kuala Lumpur in Its mission was to offer a broad assortment of merchandises at the lowest possible monetary values. As its repute grew, so did its concern.

It retained this nucleus rule even as it began transforming Giant into a national and international trade name. The concatenation besides includes 7 shops in Singapore and 15 hypermarkets in Indonesia.

Giant hypermarkets offer a broad scope of local ware, such as fresh local fruits, veggies, and seafood within Analysis on giant hypermarket malaysia wet market environment. It is besides utile as a footing against which to bring forth strategic options and assess hereafter classs of action.

The purpose is to place the extent to which the current strength and failings are relevant to and capable of covering with the alterations taking topographic point in the concern environment. A Here, we are traveling to analyse the strength-weaknesses-opportunities-threats of Giant one by one in order to to the full understand the challenges Giant face.

First, we will discourse about their strengths. Giant so is one of the largest participants of the retail industry in Malaysia, holding over 85 subdivisions spread throughout the state doing them one of the largest supermarket ironss in Malaysia, which is good because this manner they can capture the market portion and small by small infinite out their rivals.

A Besides that, holding their ain house trade name is a good manner of marketing their trade name name to their clients. Giant house trade name is rather inexpensive compared to other major trade names available in the market, which will do them more marketable to their consumers.

In add-on, Giant has a repute of value for money, which offers low monetary values, sometimes even lower than cost, which is good in the oculus of their customers. A Giant besides has a good selling squad whom are in charge in selling and advancing Giant trade name name to the populace.

The primary selling tools of their selling squad Analysis on giant hypermarket malaysia by purchasing hoardings infinite, advertisement in newspapers and by administering circulars and booklets.

These methods is proven to be utile particularly when Giant foremost introduced their shops in Sabah, because harmonizing to their executive, more and more clients are traveling to their supermarket compared to before when they ab initio opened.

Another strength of Giant is that, they have a good relationship with their providers where in the recent official gap of their shop in Kolombong, they made a trade with their provider to give them free merchandises when they purchased more for the gap twenty-four hours.

SWOT analysis GIANT STRENGTHS WEAKNESS | Mardhiah Masud -

The free merchandises are in bend promoted for merely RM0. A The chief failings for Giant are that, they are sing a high turnover rate with their employee particularly in the operation section, many of their employee resigns after merely working one or two months in their supermarket, which is non good for them as they will necessitate to happen and use new employees.

Besides that, running a supermarket particularly the hypermarket in Kolombong requires high care, if they are unable to maintain up with the care, it will destruct their repute. For illustration, their shop in Karamunsing which is non maintained good, the shop has a certain odor which comes from their antecedently frozen subdivision and the shop merchandise are non arranged good for the convenience of their customers.

A Another failing is that big size leads to inefficiency in bureaucratism ; their determination devising is centralized in their central offices. Therefore, anything happened or anything they do, they need to first confer with their direction squad in Shah Alam. Besides, Giant is sing a high advertisement cost, particularly in Sabah, where they need to present their trade name name to pull their clients and gaining control market share.

A Furthermore, in pricing their merchandises, Giant does utilize the conventional spine type pricing, they uses the shelf type pricing which is confounding to their clients, because the monetary value list on their shelf are non often updated and frequently wrongly topographic point.

There are several incident whereby a client saw a different monetary value ticket of the merchandise they want to purchased but when they reaches the counter, they are asked to pay a different monetary value which is much higher, this create sadness and dissatisfaction among their customers.

A There are several chances for Giant. First, they have ready clients, families now are increasing and everyone demands to purchase family merchandises, this creates a good demand for them.

Another chance for them is to research into new location in Malaysia, which is besides in concurrence with their current strategic program which is to open up to 40 subdivisions throughout Sabah, Sarawak and Brunei.

Besides that, they can seek to increase the assortment of their house trade name, every bit good as presenting other merchandises for their house trade name to vie with their competitors.

A The menaces experienced by Giant are that there is stiff competition within the industry, there are other major supermarket ironss, such as Tesco, Servay, Milimewah, etc.

Analysis on giant hypermarket malaysia

Another menace is that although their house trade name is known to their clients, but it is non their clients preferred trade name, their client still prefers other established trade name name merchandises compared to theirs.

Besides, study done by Giant shows that ab initio Sabahan can non accept Giant due to legion grounds, this can be chilling for them because if their clients still can non accept them for a long-tem period, therefore less people will shop in their shop and gross revenues will decreases.

A Last, the menace faced by Giant is on-line shopping. We are now in the IT epoch, people are going used of utilizing computing machines to make their day-to-day undertaking, for illustration to pay measures, reassign money, every bit good as to purchase materials. Web sites which provides online shopping are such as www.

Therefore, online shopping can make menaces for Elephantine conventional brick-and-mortar type of business. A On the other manus, the SWOT matrix is an of import matching tool that helps directors develops four types of schemes: For the instance of Giant, their SO schemes might be to research into other countries in Malaysia, such as in Tawau, Semporna and Miri, every bit good as to spread out internationally in Southeast Asia states such as the Philippines, Thailand, and etc.

A WO schemes aim at bettering internal failings by taking advantage of external chances. For their WO schemes, we think that Giant should supply equal preparation and more employee benefits to their employee particularly in the operation section, to decrease their turnover rate in the hereafter.

Besides that, they should besides restitute or renovate their acquired supermarkets to resemblance their Giant construct and repute and to go on care of the mercantile establishment. ST strategies that would be appropriate for Giant would be to go on scheme to open more subdivisions to increase market portion and to extinguish competition.paper is a company analysis on Giant Hypermarket Malaysia in general, but specifically focusing on Giant Hypermarket Sabah.

Giant Hypermarket is a major supermarket and retailer chain in Malaysia. It is a subsidiary of Dairy Farm International Holdings (DFI) and is headquartered in Shah Alam, Selagor. Competition in Malaysia’s hypermarket sector is fierce, with three major players already battling for the consumer dollar.

Local player Giant, founded by Malaysians in , but now owned by Hong Kong-based Dairy Farm Holdings, is the largest player, but battling to preserve its share against. Mar 09,  · The Rise of Store Brands among Hypermarkets in Malaysia Abstract The increasing cost of living in Malaysia, the onset of the global financial crisis, increasing unemployment and uncertainty of economic recovery are driving most Malaysians and other people living in Malaysia to become more budget-conscious.

As a follow-up to Tuesday’s post about the majority-minority public schools in Oslo, the following brief account reports the latest statistics on the cultural enrichment of schools in Austria.

Analysis on giant hypermarket malaysia

Vienna is the most fully enriched location, and seems to be in roughly the same situation as Oslo. Many thanks to Hermes for the translation from This paper is a company analysis on Giant Hypermarket Malaysia in general, but specifically concentrating on Giant Hypermarket Sabah.

Giant Hypermarket is a major supermarket and retail merchant concatenation in Malaysia. aeon co (m) sdn. bhd.


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