Beowulf journal entry

Journal Assignments Section divisions are based on the Burton Raffel translation. Consider how he feels about the importance of his job, the desperate situation in his country, and the arrival of these fearsome foreign warriors.

Beowulf journal entry

Complete and discuss reading guide with additional class notes. Complete class notes; In class writing: If you had the opportunity to take a "gap" year after you graduate, what would you do with it? Begin Pink Floyd Night School with reading guide. Take notes on reading guide.

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Supplement notes with lecture notes. Complete for homework - Due Tuesday. Anglo-Saxon - Middle Ages open notes quiz; In class writing: Should people intervene in situations that don't concern them or should people mind their own business?

Discuss responses; Read with reading guide "38 Who Saw a Murder Run on practice; Discuss reading guide and essay. Read aloud Shooting an Elephant.

Beowulf journal entry

Narration quiz- Shooting an Elephant. Read aloud "Battle with Grendel" with Reading guide. Read Battle with Grendel's Mother and complete reading guide.

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SSR with journal entry six Final entry for m. In a paragraph, briefly describe the worst food that you've ever eaten. In- class writing - "What is the most important thing you could change about your actions to help to improve the environment?

Read aloud "Once More to the Lake" for assessment. Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates.Enter Beowulf in the search bar.

After the search has been carried out, limit the search results with the options on the left side of the screen. After the search has been carried out, limit the search results with the options on the left side of the screen. Journal Entry #2 Sunday, March 26, Beowulf To me, this story was the first of many superhero stories.

Beowulf is portrayed as a legendary warrior that come from the land of the Geats and came to fight the evil on the land of the Danes. Like all the other superheroes he seems invisible and defeats the evil which is Grendel.

Beowulf journal entry

An additional journal entry made to correct an incorrect journal entry. True T/F-Because an account form has columns for the debit and credit balance of an account, it is often referred to as the balance-ruled account form.

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10/1: Discuss reading guide; Assign and work on Beowulf Comic; SSR with journal entry four 10/2: In-class work day - work on comic strip assignment, narrative speeches, study . beowulf book report character analysis creative writing descriptive writing essay expository writing formatting journal entry lesson plans literary analysis literature narrative writing owl persuasive writing research paper (informative) research paper (persuasive) short story writing the scarlet letter to kill a mockingbird writing Re-enact the scene between Beowulf and Unferth through a puppet show or skit.

Re-enact the battle between Beowulf and Grendel (i.e. skit, puppet show, video) Tell the story of the battle in Beowulf ’s own words in a journal entry or television or newspaper interview.

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