Multicultural counselling values

Values in Counseling and Integration of Individual Theories Counseling is a profession that tailors the approach to the needs of the client, presenting issues and the personality of the individual. Counseling is an activity where personal values are an important part of the development of the individual and the community at large.

Multicultural counselling values

He has been married for more than 15 years to his high school sweetheart, a White American woman, and they have two children. Gil owns a fleet of street-sweeping trucks—a business started by his father-in-law that Gil has expanded considerably.

Of late, Gil has been spending more time at work. He has also been drinking more than usual and dabbling in illicit drugs. As his drinking has increased, tensions between Gil and his wife have escalated.

Multicultural counselling values

From Gil's perspective and that of some family members and friends, Gil is just a hard-working guy who deserves to have a beer as a reward for a hard day's work. Many people in his Mexican American community do not consider Gil's low-level daily drinking a problem, especially because he drinks primarily at home.

Recently, Gil had an accident while working on one of his trucks. The treating physician identified alcohol abuse as one of several health problems and referred him to a substance abuse treatment center. Gil attended, but argued all the while that he was not a borracho drunkard and did not need treatment.

He distrusted the counselors, stating Multicultural counselling values seeking help from professionals for a mental disorder was something that only gabachos Whites did.

Gil's feelings and attitudes were valid; they stemmed from and were influenced by the Mexican American culture and community in which he had been raised from infancy. Gil dropped out of treatment. When his wife threatened to divorce him if he did not take immediate action to deal with his drinking problem, he reluctantly enrolled in an outpatient treatment program.

Gil, like all people, is a product of his environment—an environment that has provided him with a rich cultural and spiritual background, a strong male identity, a deep attachment to family and community, a strong work ethic, and a sense of pride in being able to support his family.

In many Mexican American cultural groups, illness disrupts family life, work, and the ability to earn a living. Illness has psychological costs as well, including threats to a man's self-identity and sense of manhood Sobralske Given this background, Gil would understandably be reluctant to enter treatment, to accept the fact that his drinking was a problem or an illness, and to jeopardize his ability to care for his family and his company.

A culturally competent counselor would recognize, legitimize, and validate Gil's reluctance to enter and continue in treatment. In an ideal situation, the treatment counselor would have experience working with people with similar backgrounds and beliefs, and the treatment program would be structured to change Gil's behavior and attitudes in a manner that was in keeping with his culture and community.

His initial treatment might have succeeded if the counselor had been culturally competent and the treatment program had been culturally responsive. Like Gil, all clients enter treatment carrying beliefs, attitudes, conflicts, and problems shaped by their cultural roots as well as their present-day realities.

As with Gil, many clients enter treatment with some reluctance and denial. Research shows that if clients such as Gil are greeted by a culturally competent counselor, they are more likely to respond positively to treatment Damashek et al. The presence of counselors of any race or gender who are culturally competent in responding to the needs and issues of their clients can greatly assist client recovery.

Gaining regard, respect, and trust from clients is crucial for successful counseling outcomes Ackerman and Hilsenroth ; Sue and Sue a.

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Effective therapy is an ongoing process of building relational bridges that engender trust and confidence. Sensitivity to the client's cultural and personal perspectives, genuine empathy, warmth, humility, respect, and acceptance are the tenets of all sound therapy.

This chapter expands on these concepts and provides a general overview of the core competencies needed so that counselors may provide effective treatment to diverse racial and ethnic groups.

Canadian society is often depicted as being "very progressive, diverse, and multicultural". Multiculturalism (a Just Society) was In recent years there has been an increase of diversity acceptance in Turkey, mainly because there was fear of losing values of the non-existent Ottoman Empire. Hence, the emergence of multicultural counseling and psychology, a distinctive competency which CSPP was founded upon. Multicultural Counseling Techniques to Use with Your Clients As a student in the CSPP programs, your curriculum will include built-in multicultural competencies. counseling, over the past two decades, multicultural counseling has developed as a major concept, as we explain in this chapter. Expectations of Multicultural Counseling I can recognize when my attitudes, beliefs, and values are interfering with providing the best services to my students. 2. I can identify the cultural bases of my.

Using Sue's multidimensional model for developing cultural competencethe content focuses on the counselor's need to engage in and develop cultural awareness; cultural knowledge in general; and culturally specific skills and knowledge of wellness, mental illness, substance use, treatments, and skill development.

Core Counselor Competencies Since Sue et al. Cultural competence has evolved into more than a discrete skill set or knowledge base; it also requires ongoing self-evaluation on the part of the practitioner.

Culturally competent counselors are aware of their own cultural groups and of their values, assumptions, and biases regarding other cultural groups.

Moreover, culturally competent counselors strive to understand how these factors affect their ability to provide culturally effective services to clients. Multidimensional Model for Developing Cultural Competence: Individual Staff Level Given the complex definition of culture and the fact that racially and ethnically diverse clients represent a growing portion of the client population, the need to update and expand guidelines for cultural competence is increasing.The Univariate F-values in Table 2 reveal that counsellors with high multicultural counselling compe- TABLE 2 Counsellor High and Low Multicultural Counselling Competence High X Competence Scales Skills Awareness Knowledge Relationship Counsellor Characteristics Age Level of education Years since graduation Professional experience Multicultural.

Ethics and Values as Major Factors Related to Multicultural Aspects of Counselor Preparation. Henriksen Jr., Richard C.; Trusty, Jerry // Counseling & Values;Apr, Vol. 49 Issue 3, p Counselors and future counselors face a variety of challenges as society becomes more diverse and laden with differing value systems.

The main purpose of writing this essay is to analyze and highlight some personal values of a counselor that can affect the quality of maintaining effective therapeutic relationship with the client. Issues in Multicultural Counseling. of this self-awareness is the acknowledgement that the "counselor culture" has at its core a set of white cultural values and norms by which clients are judged (Katz, ; Lauver, ).

about a naive imposition of narrowly defined criteria for normality on culturally diverse people (Pedersen, For any counsellor to be engaged in a cross-cultural counselling process would require to know the history of the cultures, experience working with that cultures, multicultural awareness, knowledge of the diversity, deeper understanding about cultures, and the multicultural skills.

Resolution of Value Conflicts in Multicultural Counselling Noorfarah Merali University of Alberta ways of practicing that do not involve having their values operate as disguised counselling ideologies.

MCT is a social constructionist ap­ Noorfarah Merali. Value Conflicts in Multicultural Counselling.

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