Research papers on fort mchenry

Dolphin, of Baltimore, had been sailing from Curacao to Baltimore with a cargo of gin and dry goods when Diligent stopped her at sea on 20 February [] and sent her into New York. The sloop Dolphin was captured from the British in November of and sold to the state of Connecticut for Pounds. No place mentioned but other vouchers detailing activities on the Dolphin named Norwich, CT as the point of origin of the document. March 25th, for provisions for the ship Defence.

Research papers on fort mchenry

The British ships were unable to pass Fort McHenry and penetrate Baltimore Harbor because of its defenses, including a chain of 22 sunken ships, and the American cannons. The poor accuracy on both sides resulted in very little damage to either side before the British, having depleted their ammunition, ceased their attack on the morning of September Fortunately for the Americans, either the rain extinguished the fuse or the bomb was a dud.

The family of Major Armisteadthe commander of the fort, kept the flag until they donated it to the Smithsonian in William Beanes, a civilian prisoner of warwitnessed the bombardment Research papers on fort mchenry a nearby truce ship. Civil War[ edit ] During the American Civil War the area where Fort McHenry sits served as a military prison, confining both Confederate soldiers, as well as a large number of Maryland political figures who were suspected of being Confederate sympathizers.


The imprisoned included newly elected Baltimore Mayor George William Brownthe city council, and the new police commissioner, George P. Kaneand members of the Maryland General Assembly along with several newspaper editors and owners. A drama beginning the famous Supreme Court case involving the night arrest in Baltimore County and imprisonment here of John Merryman and the upholding of his demand for a writ of habeas corpus for release by Chief Justice Roger B.

Taney occurred at the gates between Court and Federal Marshals and the commander of Union troops occupying the Fort under orders from President Abraham Lincoln in Fort McHenry also served to train artillery at this time; this service is the origin of the Rodman guns presently located and displayed at the fort.

Army hospital for the treatment of troops returning from the European conflict. Only a few of these buildings remain, while the original fort has been preserved and restored to essentially its condition during the War of It has become national tradition that when a new flag is designed it first flies over Fort McHenry.

The first official and star American flags were flown over the fort and are still located on the premises.

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Thousands of visitors come each year to see the "Birthplace of the Star Spangled Banner. However, to prevent abuse of the parking lots at the Fort, the National Park Service does not permit passengers to take the water taxi back to the Inner Harbor unless they have previously used it to arrive at the monument.

It is the biggest celebration of the year at the Fort, accompanied by a weekend of programs, events, and fireworks.

Hartzog award for serving the National Park Service as the best volunteer unit. After undergoing restoration at the National Museum of American Historyit is now on display there in a special exhibit that allows it to lie at a slight angle in dim light.The bombing of Fort McHenry played a pivotal role in the War of because it was a turning point in the war, it instilled pride into the American people, and lives on to this day through the National Anthem of the United States.

essays research papers - The Importance of Fort McHenry to America. Fort Washington, located near the community of Fort Washington, Maryland, was for many decades the only defensive fort protecting Washington D.C.

The original fort, overlooking the Potomac River, was completed in , and was begun as Fort Warburton, but renamed in During the War of , the fort was destroyed by its own garrison during a British advance.

Dec 30,  · Anonymous said Thanks for this. I also received this video from a friend, and was struck by what seemed to be inaccuracies in the story.

Research papers on fort mchenry

My problem is not with the patriotism that obviously motivated the story, but that the true story is a great one that does not need embellishment. THE AMERICAN REPORTS ON THE BATTLE OF CAMDEN, SC AUGUST 16TH, AS WELL AS TWO CAMDEN SITE MUSKET BALLS.

- THE LONDON CHRONICLE, November 18th, , 8 1 and part of page two details Gates' report to Congress and Washington on . Fort McHenry National Monument National Park Service East Fort Avenue Baltimore, MD Established in , the library archives has an estimated 75, copies of documents related to Fort McHenry from the Revolutionary War to World War II.

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